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Summer Camp 2022

This year's summer camp will run for two weeks from the 15th to the 26th of August. This will be an opportunity for students to re-engage with their learning in a fun and enjoyable way. It will give students the opportunity to see their friends and to get used to the idea of returning to school.


We will be running a general camp and the afternoons will be split into 3 specialties that students can pick from

  • STE(A)M 

  • Sports and Health

  • Cooking and Organization

The students attending for two weeks can also do two different afternoon groups! The camp will run from 9.45 - 3pm each day, with the days trips are on possibly being longer.

There will also be a number of trips and all meals will be provided. To apply, please fill in the form below or email

Summer camp.png
Application Form
When would the student like to attend?
What afternoon group would the student prefer?
What year group will the student be in in September?

Thanks for submitting!

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