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The Library

The JCSP Lynott Library was named for our most famous past pupil in November 2019, when we hosted Michael D. Higgins in the library to commemorate Phil Lynott’s contribution to Irish music and culture.  However, we have been part of the internationally regarded JCSP Demonstration Library Project since 2009, when Katie Taylor officially opened our dedicated library space that was once the P.E. Hall.


The library’s main function is to foster a love of reading among Clogher Road’s students, staff, and members of the wider community; In 2018 we became a “Well-read School” in recognition of this.  The library also supports the curriculum by providing access to additional learning materials for the subjects that are taught here, and an alternative learning space.


And yet, if you asked most students about the Lynott Library, they would probably mention the brass band, or the chess club, or Dungeons and Dragons,or the author-in-residence!  The library is a flexible space, and the hub of the arts culture at Clogher Road Community College.  It’s a place of discovery and learning.


Contact the librarian:


JCSP Demonstration Library Project:


Lynott Library on Twitter:


There are 32 full chess sets in the library to facilitate tournaments, league matches, and even friendly lunchtime games!  The highlight of the chess calendar is the annual JCSP Team Chess Tournament morning n December, but there are other events to look forward to as well.  We have many experienced chess players at Clogher Road, who are very happy to share their skills.



This is a new venture for Clogher Road, but an extremely popular one.  Small groups of adventurers solve mysteries and battle monsters via collaborative story-telling and strategic dice rolling.  Taking part in a “campaign” develops numeracy, oral literacy, and social skills.  It’s a great way to meet students from different year groups too, as “DnD” appeals to all ages.


One of our adventurers has created a blog site to immortalize past campaigns; please take a look:

Dungeons and Dragons.jpg


Every year Clogher Road Community College enters the JCSP “Make a Book” exhibition, which is held in various venues around the country in March.  Previous displays have included Vikings, Guernica, the Pyramids, and Ancient Rome - all of which are now on permanent display in the Lynott Library.  


These creative endeavors are not one-off events; anyone interested in building and painting models can always visit the library during open access.

Make a book.jpg

Digital Library

As part of the JCSP Demonstration Library Project, all students and staff at Clogher Road Community College have free access to the JCSP Digital Library.


You can access the library by following this link:



Or by downloading the “SORA” app onto your mobile device, and searching for “JCSP”

Image by Stephen Phillips - Hostreviews.


Whoever said libraries should be quiet spaces have never been to a brass band rehearsal!  Since 2014, the library has collaborated with St. Agnes CCMA to provide brass instruments and lessons for students. The band plays at school functions and the occasional outside “gig”, but our biggest accomplishment to date was performing for the President in November 2019 at our Sports Centre.


If you are interested in playing a brass instrument, please contact the Neil ASAP!



Since 2015, the school has participated in the “We Write What We Like” initiative that is jointly funded by the CDETB Sports and Cultural Council (SCC) and the JCSP Library Project.  A published author visits the participating schools every fortnight, and works with students who have an interest in creative writing.


The workshops begin in October, and culminate in a workshop in “Poetry Ireland” in April, and a final showcase in May.  Student work is published every two years or so.


As this is a very popular initiative, any Clogher Road students who wish to participate must “audition” by writing a story or poem (or something else!) for the librarian in September.  Good luck!

We write what we like.jpg

Accelerated Reader

To access Accelerated Reader, students should follow this link:


If parents or guardians wish to keep track of their child’s progress, they should follow this link:

Accelerated reading.jpg
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