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Junior Cycle STE(A)M

Maths and Science are manadatory in the school in the Junior Cycle. Students have the option of studying Art and Enginnering as one of their choice subjects. In addition to this we also have coding as a short course. Students are encouraged to think outside the box and project based learning is at the heart of a lot of our STEAM  teaching. Junior Cycle students engage in

SciFest Competition

SEAI workshops

EU code week

The Bebras Challenge

ReelLife Science Video competition 

and much more........... See some of our Reellife video submissions for 2022 to the right!.


STE(A)M is a core companant of our TY project. Students will work on QQI4 and 5 level courses to ensure thye leave our programme with tangibale and recognisable awards. In addition to work experience in places like RCSI, Trinity College and Pfizer, students also have the oppertuninty to complete the microsoft Dreamspace programme along with the Young Social Innovators. 

Below are some of the awards and oppertunities available to students

QQI4 Maths

QQI4 Laboratory Science


College visits

Work experience

SEAI workshops

UCD Genomics workshop

Transition Year STE(A)M

Senior Cycle 

Students are encourage to follow their interests at Clogher Road and at Senior Cycle there are lots of options available for students who are interested in STE(A)M. 

We offer as options


Physics & Chemistry


Computer Science

Students also have the opportunity to engage in workshops and coding competitions along with the Vex Robotics competition. You can see some of our Senior Cycle projects and events in the gallery!

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