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Principal's Welcome

I would like to warmly welcome you to our new school website.  It marks a significant point in the school’s history as we embrace the Educate Together ethos with CDETB.    Our website will give you a very good insight into what we value at Clogher Road Community College.  We are passionate about education – in all its forms.  We want our students to leave school knowing their value,  willing to explore their passions and to be leaders in whatever path they take. 

We celebrate excellence; be that in the classroom, on the basketball court or playing the trumpet!  Every student has something of value to offer and we endeavour to find ways to allow our students to succeed and find their talent. 

All of our staff are committed to ensuring the standards are high in everything we do.  Lessons are innovative, well planned and designed to meet the needs of all learners.   We have a strong SEN department and every class has a designated Form Tutor and Year Head. 

Our facilities are outstanding and we are very fortunate with the beautiful campus that we have, please phone the school to book a tour if you would like to see more.  We are particularly proud of some new developments including our Project Based Learning Centre, our Nurture Space, our Aquaponics station and our designated Guidance & Counselling office. 

Our vision is to ensure Clogher Road Community College provides an equality based education for all students.   We firmly believe that a diverse community benefits everybody and we aim to create an environment that is welcoming and recognises the different talents and strengths that everybody brings to the school. 

Our graduates have gone to a wide variety of fields and we always encourage our students to follow their passion.  

It is a privilege to be at the helm of such an innovative and dynamic learning environment and I encourage you to spend time learning a little more about what makes Clogher Road Community College a wonderful learning environment.   


Lesley Byrne,


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