Remote Learning

In Clogher Road Community College we use the Microsoft Teams platform for remote learning.  Students all have their own email and login that was provided either last year or this year. There will be a sticker with the student's email and password in their school journal. For extra help in using the app or installing Teams on a students device please see the link below. If a student does not have their password you can contact and we can text or email the username and password to you.


Student's will have live classes throughout remote learning. It is very important for students to be online for these classes, both socially and academically. 

To view your live timetable or your child's please choose the correct class below. 

While online, we expect the same level of respect and engagement we would normally see from our students in school. To learn more about this please see our Acceptable Usage Policy document below.

Acceptable Usage Policy

1st Year Oak
1st Year Ash
2nd Year Willow
3rd Year Birch
3rd Year Maple
TY Pine
TY Alder
TY Hazel
LCA1 Rowan
5th Year Sycamore
LCA2 Aspen
6th Year Chesnut
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